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it provides inspiration as well as solutions
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31 May 2017


Alexander Coggin and PLATNUM are proud to announce Coggin’s first solo exhibition at 4501 Gallery in Union City, New Jersey.  Formally trained in theater but self taught in photography, Coggin searches tirelessly for the spontaneous and unknown. Read more...
05 May 2017


Petrus Olsson talks to deBroome about the interplay between branding and photography. They discuss tone, consistency, difficulties, budgets, and more. Petrus is one of the many innovative visual artists available to collaborate with at Platnum to create the maximum value for your brand in the most efficient, visually exciting way.  Read more at http://debroome.com/stay-brand-images/
23 Jan 2017


In honor of the upcoming, long awaited continuation of Twin Peaks set to debut next year, Lippoth, collaborating with Marie Claire Enfants, created an atmospheric and stylish take on the series, but translated into the world of kids.  
19 Jan 2017


A striking new photograph of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story actress Felicity Jones was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, and announced December 21st.  The portrait, emotive and wildly atmospheric, was taken by Laura Pannack and commissioned through the John Kobal New Work Award, a prize awarded annually to a photographer under thirty-five whose work is selected for display in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. Read more...
18 Jan 2017


In his series Space & Beyond, Nick captures artificial minimalistic architecture images that could hail from a possible future.
18 Jan 2017


Nick Frank created a photo essay of 194 images about Munich’s Olympic City. Designed and built for the Games in Munich in 1972, the Olympic Village, with its buildings and installations, was to be used intensively beyond the Olympic Games – as a housing estate in which contemporary forms of housing and urban development are represented.Today, it serves as housing for both students and the regular population. Published by Volk Verlag September 2015 and can be purchased at Amazon.
17 Jan 2017

Habana by Jan Riephoff

Jan Riephoff travelled to Havanna twice, collaborating with Swiss musician, concept artist and writer Dieter Meier on an elaborate feature on the Cuban capital. The result, “Lectures in Serenity,” was published in Traveller’s World Magazine, and is an overwhelmingly seductive and amazing homage to the Caribbean metropolis and her people, a celebration of the city and of life itself that enables the viewer to dream of a trip to the the Malécon.
17 Jan 2017


A collaboration with Masato Segawa, co-owner and head designer for Japanese brand Maison Flaneur. Undéhn has photographed the line since its inception, providing images that combine people with his typically unique, bold backgrounds - a great pairing.
16 Jan 2017

Minimals - Blackwhite by Nick Frank

Not all colorful and playful, in Nick’s Minimals series, he captures abstract architecture photography in various countries and locations. The images exist in their own space, free of context.
16 Jan 2017


Not content to explore intriguing, graphic buildings via black and white, Nick’s Minimals – Color series captures striking patterns and lines with vivid, bold colors. 
16 Jan 2017


An ongoing project that could continue forever, Patina reflects its time frame. In this series, Undéhn explores locations that possess the particular patina that only age or hard work can give.  Though used purposely as an aesthetic choice in many situations nowadays, Undéhn’s found locations - and their patinas - are decidedly authentic - atmospheric and striking.
13 Jan 2017

Vista by Erik Undehn

Undéhn revisits the theme of his book Vista. Harkening back to the themes of the book, the new images are graphic, bright and still - captured moments of silence that allow the viewer to fill in the blanks as they wish.
13 Jan 2017


Uniformed residences and standardized habitats whisper desolation, emptiness, and monotony at the first glance, only to reveal a touching concern for individualism and differentiation at second glance. Nick Frank explores these quirky habitations, providing proof that even faced with seemingly insurmountable standardization, human desire for uniqueness and personality shines through. An architectural character study.
13 Jan 2017


Subway stations are more than just a central location for travelers - they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: a heartbreaking farewell, then a joyful welcome; a location that serves as a stage for personal plays. Read more...
12 Jan 2017

The taste of summer by Reinhard Hunger

Reinhard Hunger is famous for his atmospheric mini-tableaux - seen earlier in his Dutch still lifes.  For Lufthansa Magazine, he explores how a scent might taste, chronicling the creation of a stunning - and tasty - gin and basil cocktail at Le Lion Bar in Hamburg, Germany.
11 Jan 2017


Hunger is famous for his atmospheric mini-tableaux - seen earlier in his Dutch still lifes.  For Lufthansa Magazine, he explores how a scent might taste, chronicling the creation of a stunning - and tasty - gin and basil cocktail at Le Lion Bar in Hamburg, Germany.
05 Jan 2017


Hunger’s images are playful, intriguing, and definitely not boring. In his latest work brain food for Psychology Today, he tackles the best foods for your brain, mirroring the brain itself in his photographs. Eat up!
09 Dec 2016


Jan explores the future of mobility and travel in his new work. Jan’s images show the thrill of arrivals in an exciting, authentic way. Though famed for his architecture and landscape work, Jan shows a knack for the right moment with people as well.
07 Dec 2016


As part of a larger-scale exhibition, “What Is Your Name?” arranged by UNICEF and hosted by Art Arsenal in Kiev, Ukraine, Richard Ansett will be exhibiting large scale prints of his series “Mother & Child.” The images, as well as the larger exhibition, center on the children displaced in the Ukrainian conflict, both physically and psychologically. Focused not only on the problems of damage and suffering, the exhibition also talks about possible solutions. Read more...
23 Nov 2016


Silvio Knezevic captured WIRED Germany’s editors’ favorite gadgets of the moment with a playful combination of warm, vivid materials, and deliberately artificial image editing, bringing the varied, intriguing objects to life. Read more...
16 Nov 2016


Mauricio Alejo is known for his intriguing, conceptual still lifes. Chronicled in the most recent issue of Vice, he presents photos shot in several of his apartments throughout the years. He never intended them to be autobiographical, but they have unwillingly become a personal memorabilia of sorts. Alejo is equally seduced by photography and by sculpture. Read more...
16 Nov 2016


Verhellen's series chronicles installations built by people who want to keep a parking spot vacant. A common phenomenon around the world in cities where parking is at a premium, Verhellen’s images depict objects created with purely practical consideration, absent any artistic pretensions. Ephemeral, built with nearby materials. With this series, Verhellen documents the installations as spontaneous sculptures in the public space. The project is a continuous one.
28 Oct 2016

Fogo Island by Steffen Jagenburg

This past year, Steffen Jagenburg started a photographic documentation of the FOGO ISLAND ARTS RESIDENCY PROGRAM. It took him 48 hours each way to travel between Berlin and this very powerful place, Fogo Island, Canada. In the near future, Steffen will continue to work with the artists in residence to capture their experience of living and working on Fogo Island. Artists in residence often undertake collaborations with Island residents, thus forging a new perspective for both. Read more...
28 Oct 2016

Glasgow weekend by Steffen Jagenburg

The Glasgow Weekend at Volksbühne in Berlin was curated by BQ Berlin Gallery and Sarah Lowndes. Two days of show and party with Franz Ferdinand, Optimo (Espacio), Richard Wright, Douglas Gordon, David Shrigley, and more. Steffen Jagenburg captured everything with his trademark clean, intriguing aesthetic.
28 Oct 2016

Gute Arbeit! by Steffen Jagenburg

Gute Arbeit! is a new content-based online magazine created by Steffen Jagenburg. With text, motion, and still photography, it captures individuals, companies, and organizations who discover a good balance for their individual holistic ideas of business - perhaps deviating from "the average," but effective nonetheless.
28 Oct 2016


“I would never move away.” For Bavaria's local newspaper, the Donaukurier, Steffen Jagenburg developed and produced an acclaimed regional identity campaign. People from the region told stories of their very own, deeply personal relationship with where they live through films, posters, press ads and magazine supplements. Jagenburg captures the feelings of these residents with a sensitivity for emotions and feelings.
28 Oct 2016


Political Populism, an exhibition at Kunsthalle Vienna in 2015 curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen, was documented by Steffen Jagenburg. The exhibition stated, "Social media, advertising aesthetics and media staging have lent a progressive appearance to simple or simplistic slogans,“ contrasting with Steffen's idea of a narrative of the experience, a comprehensive body of sensitive and complex visual statements.
28 Oct 2016


At the core of the European project has always been an effort to reduce the significance of borders. Today the understanding of borders must go beyond national-state boundaries to include educational, economic and social borders. Addressing this, a joint project and exhibition of the Institut français d'Estonie and the Goethe-Institut Tallinn will take place from 19.10.2016 at the Fotomuseum Tallinn. Read more...
28 Oct 2016

On things ordinary by Jakob Hunosøe

Everyday life is the focal point in Hunosøe's photographs, though the reality they portray is full of extraordinary effects. Ordinary objects, such as chairs, dishcloths, bookshelves, kitchen utensils, and tools appear in unexpected and surprising constellations. Hunosøe uses his images as an instrument to uncover new meanings in our immediate surroundings. Using simple artifices, he adds a poetic and humorous dimension to our everyday.
28 Oct 2016


Having shot a number of series based around water, Kampert broadens the theme to a more basic view of the relationship between humans and water, and the result is Neptune’s Daughters. In this series, bodies are surrounded by water and move quite naturally in relation. The figures have evolved from water, and are symbolically related to mythological figures. Water is the elixir of life, necessary and playing an important part in the emotional life of humanity.
06 Oct 2016

Animalcoholics by Frieke Janssens

As people drink, they lose their self control and self consciousness, their primal instincts appear, and they become more like animals. For her latest mind bending work ANIMALCOHOLICS, Frieke Janssens, as in her famous Smoking Kids series, tackles addiction and social changes. Read more...
04 Oct 2016


Antonio Theo Pini’s series on African refugees has been selected to participate in the inaugural exhibition of the Museum Centro Pecci in Prato, Italy. Documenting the refugees’ new realities in Italy, Pini’s images highlight the banal, the quotidian, and yet, the unexpected.
29 Sep 2016


It moves / It seethes / It crumbles / It breaks / It contains stories / It deceives / It drifts   Julia Baier recently travelled to Iceland and responds to the stark Icelandic landscape in a new black and white series. Iceland lies on two continental plates that are drifting apart, in the process shaking the grounds, causing volcanoes to erupt and water to boil. The landscape is extreme: black lava rocks meet snow, moss meets solid slabs of stone, hot waters meet cold air. Read more...
22 Sep 2016

Youth Without Age, Life Without Death: Chapter 1 BY LAURA PANNACK

Laura Pannack’s latest exhibition will be shown at Francesca Maffeo Gallery in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, starting in late October. Captured over the past four years, Laura’s images are set in Romania and explores the fragility of life though time, journeys, and the cycle of life and death. Inspired by a Romanian folktale, the exhibition invites people to embark upon their own journey, presenting a combination of still life, landscapes, and portraits, all shot on expired film. Read more...
08 Sep 2016

Superheroes by Julia Marie Werner

For Werner, the power of imagination and fantasy reigns supreme. This is most evident in her famous Tschikko the Big City Lion series, but can be found in her other, fanciful work. For Superheroes, she shows that children can create their own realities, embracing the powers of their dreams. With those dreams, they can grow up to be real world superheroes.
17 Aug 2016


As part of the Royal Photographic Society’s 159th International Print Exhibition, Richard Ansett’s image, “Paul with Otto and Lucian” will be touring the U.K.  Ansett's image - sculptural, filled with heft and emotion - is typical of his work.  The exhibition will start at PHOTOBLOCK at The Old Truman Brewery in London from 13-18 October, before visiting The Royal Albert Hall in London, then Belfast and the Retinal International Photography Festivals.
27 Jul 2016


Ina Schoof, in collaboration with Ana Baumgart, presents their latest video installation, “I Love Greece and Greece Loves Me,” as well as two other video installations, “I Guess You Don’t Know Me 07” and “I Guess You Don’t Know me 04,” as part of a group exhibition in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. The videos, taking place in Greece, Japan, and Italy, opine on culture and history with allegory and more. Read more...
26 Jul 2016

Toys for a New Generation By Annegien van Doorn

Van Doorn created these fanciful, imaginative toys that subvert gender norms to illustrate a point about them. Since the 70s, there has been an increasing distinction between "sex" and "gender." Your sex is determined by your genitals, your gender by expectations about the behavior that you should show. The differences between men and women are primarily social, in our modern society we don’t need those defined gender roles anymore. Read more...
26 Jul 2016


One of the hallmarks of summer is grilled skewers - not confined to a plate, they can be fanciful, imaginative, and most of all, fun to eat. Knezevic shot a series on skewers, illustrating their possibilities. Tasty, succulent, and exciting, his images pay homage to the skewer.
26 Jul 2016


It’s currently the middle of summer for the northern hemisphere, and the oppressive warmth can seem never ending. Adrian Samson cools off his viewers with a few slices of the refreshing watermelon. Bright and colorful, Samson's still lifes are appetizing and the perfect fit for the summer heat.
26 Jul 2016


To illustrate a story on card counting and other casino hustles, Sarah Illenberger created images that keenly reflect her graphic and whimsical style.
22 Jul 2016


Inspired by the recovery of a frozen mammoth in almost perfect condition in 2013, Erik Hijweege explores the slow, yet constant deterioration of nature, creating a series centered on endangered animal species. Known for his ambrotypes, the result of the wet plate collodion process that he employs throughout much of his work, Hijweege’s images of preserved animals are haunting and thoughtful. Read more...
20 Jul 2016

Or Glory: 21st Century Rockers By Horst A. Friedrichs

With their tattoos, leather jackets, slicked-back hair, and beloved British motorbikes, Rockers are the nemesis of the fastidiously groomed Mods. Elvis, James Dean, and Marlon Brando made rocker style synonymous with rebellion, sparking a global cult. Horst A. Friedrichs follows the British rocker tribe as its members congregate in parking lots, pubs, cafes, dance and pool halls. Read more...
20 Jul 2016

Vista by Erik Undéhn

The camera is neutral. Without any values or interpreting, it captures what is in front of the lens. But despite the ability to recreate reality as it is, reality through the lens can still be manipulated. By the choice of angle, time of day, light and framing it is possible to decide what the photographer want to show the viewer. Read more...
20 Jul 2016

Still Life by Axel Kranz

Axel Kranz shows simple subjects and structures in his photographs, using daylight to transform them into sculptural pieces of art, like ancient paintings. By showing the surface, Kranz attempts to peer behind it.
20 Jul 2016

Mnemonic by Lajos Geenen

In his "Mnemonic” series, Lajos Geenen explores how seemingly mundane actions experienced by mature adults can trigger deeply rooted childhood memories. He examines this complex relationship between present and past by depicting the layered relationship between lovers in domestic settings. The rethinking of traditional gender roles and the act of caregiving are all in play in these images and create a new context in which to consider these actions. Read more...
20 Jul 2016

Arrival Delayed by Wim Bosch

Since 2002, Wim Bosch has used found photographic footage in combination with his own pictures, creating constructed views on interior and exterior domestic scenes. Bosch's works show a familiar yet unfamiliar world with suspenseful scenes that recall both painting and cinema. For Arrival Delayed, a book that showcases his recent work, Bosch collaborates with Dr. Read more...
20 Jul 2016

Herrenabteilung by Tina Winkhaus

Some animals are mythically charged by humans and worshiped, others are subjected, sacrificed, and eradicated. In Tina Winkhaus’s series Herrenabteilung, the animal accompanies the viewer in important areas of their lives: social, economic, material, cultural, religious and symbolic. The more they become objects of our curiosity, the further people seem to distance themselves from animals. Read more...
12 Jul 2016


Housed in the largest free-standing hall in the world, one originally built to protect airships from the elements, in Brandenburg, Germany, the Tropical Islands resort is a unique destination for tourists. It is a seemingly tropical paradise, yet is surrounded by artifice. Franziska Sinn spent a night there, experiencing the strange atmosphere - a hard beach, cool weather, an artificial, strange feeling, yet with its own microclimate. Read more...
08 Jul 2016

The Birth of Reincarnation By Lajos Geenen

Each image in The Birth of… series implies possible conceptions of the word that comes next in the title - confidence, patience, reincarnation, opportunity. And with each conception comes the option to accept the photographic reality or to deconstruct it. In two of the images from the series, The Birth of Inertia I and II, the subtle contradictions in the shots inspire closer examination and questions. Read more...
06 Jul 2016

Secondhand by Jo Magrean

Jo Magrean excels at capturing the vignettes of life. Atmospheric and textural, his images intrigue and inspire. In some recent work, he shows some unwanted, broken furniture, set on the street for garbage, collectors, or Magrean himself. He depicts the well-worn pieces as soldiers fallen on the cruel battlefield of everyday life.
06 Jul 2016


As part of Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles, Annegien van Doorn is exhibiting her work as part of the group show, Fabulous Failures, curated by Erik Kessels. Van Doorn’s quirky take on the quotidien will be on full display for the summer, until September 25th, at the Palais de L’Archevêché.
06 Jul 2016


Ruhmke’s series captures two siblings, Nils and Luisa, on summer holiday, in their great-grandparents’ house. Full of memories and history, Ruhmke captures the siblings’ excitement and chronicles their discoveries, and exhibits his talent for capturing the subtle, hidden moments of life.
01 Jul 2016

Flower man by Ken Hermann

Flowers are a hugely important part of Indian culture, used in everything from temple rituals to festivals and parties, and Malik Ghat flower market, located in Calcutta, is the largest of its kind in India. Ken Hermann, inspired by the colors and activity of the market on an earlier trip, returned and took these arresting portraits, the sellers' magnificent garlands often in stark contrast to their own dusty and sweat-soaked attire.
01 Jul 2016

Somnium by Gian Paul Lozza

Gian Paul Lozza’s series Somnium is an attempt at a typology. The pictures are mute, silent and frozen in the subdued nocturnal low-light. There are no living creatures to be seen, nor the slightest sign of any active movement. Despite this, there are traces of civilization, giving rise to a the question of who left them behind. Lozza’s images are all captured at night, in order to focus on the structural visual objects, and creating a painterly haziness.
01 Jul 2016

Fold by Ingmar Swalue

Ingmar Swalue creates graphic, colorful, and intriguing photos. Swalue's latest series center on visual impossibilities without objects and with few external cues. By folding the paper in such a way that planes visually disappear, Swalue captures a shape which is impossible to re-create in the real 3D work. The result is a minimalistic way of undermining the classical view of photography (that of photography as a reflection of the real world). Read more...
01 Jul 2016

Explosions in the sky by Christian Stoll

Are these remote galaxies light years away, shot by Hubble Telescope? Or microscopic shots of bio-chemical processes in a brain? Nightmares? Acid trips? Perhaps nuclear explosions? Intriguing and beguiling, these beautiful photographs are Christian Stoll’s abstract take on chemical products. The images, free of any scale, invite the viewer to use their imagination to the fullest.
17 Jun 2016


Ralph’s fantastic and unique animal portraits anthropomorphize his subjects and produce strong, vivid emotions in his viewers. From sad to cheerful, from proud to quirky, the whole range of human expressions can be found. Combined with Dieter Eckell's work, Ralph will be opening a joint exhibition at Alte Post on June 17th. Opening: 17 June 6pm, Alte Post, Kreppstrasse 51, Oberbilk, 40227 Düsseldorf
08 Jun 2016


Oliver Schwarzwald presents his newest exhibition, “One Euro Sculptures - Turning Junk Into Help,” opening June 24th. Schwarzwald’s still-life images, beautiful, graphic, and intriguing, will be presented. His fantastical and surreal tales, are composed with precise and meticulous attention to detail. Opening Friday, June 24th 2016, 6:30 pm, Julia Waldmann, Eppendorfer Weg 91, 20259 Hamburg
26 May 2016


Marcus Bredt presents two images as part of “Time Space Existence,” a collective exhibition at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennia - the first time that architecture photos are presented. This exhibition documents current developments and thoughts in architecture, highlighting fundamental questions by discussing the philosophical concepts Time, Space and Existence. Read more...
25 May 2016


Hiepler, Brunier’s graphic, striking black and white shots of heavy industry are representative of their interest in general. With free rein and unrestricted access to ten Holcim production sites around the globe, their images show the scale and complexity of industry. Giant plants, pipes spewing sparks, monstrous machines, fantastic swathes of dust, the most modern technologies, the old and the new. Read more...
24 May 2016

Exhibition opening: Horizonte Photofestival Zingst 2016, shows Couchsurfin’ the world by Malte Jäger

Couchsurfin’ the world is a photodocumentary book project about web-based hospitality communities by Malte Jäger. Groupshow “one world” shows couchsurfin’ the world by Malte Jäger at Horizonte Fotofestival Zingst, Germany. The exhibition runs from 28.05. until 05.06. 2016 in Zingst, Germany.    
20 May 2016


Jean-Louis Wolff shot this series of unique images at a Shanghai circus. The series explores one facet of Chinese culture and its incarnations in the contemporary world. Vibrant and magical, the images are typical of Wolff’s work, which awes and inspires, drawing upon cosmopolitan experiences in China, the US, and Germany, and resulting in entirely unique images.
19 May 2016

Das Banale Ding by Annegien van Doorn

Das Banale Ding was an Amsterdam artist collective founded in 2010 by Adrian Brun, Annegien van Doorn, Bas Hendrikx, Marloes van Doorn and Nikos Doulas. Sharp and with a sense of humor, they redefined reality and reclaimed imagination with objects from our daily life. Everyday objects were placed in different contexts or photographed in specific manners to unleash them from their original meaning. Read more...
19 May 2016

Ensemble Seasons Issue 16/17 by Joerg Reichardt

Continuing the tradition he established with his portraits from Havana, Joerg Reichardt presents his latest series, portraits of the Munich Theater. With a striking, unique color palate, his images are beautiful and arresting.
26 Apr 2016


Tina Winkhaus’s dark, sculptural portraits of horses and their jockeys remind the viewer of Caravaggio - his chiaroscuro and radical, almost cinematic canvas space change. Bound together with her influences and inspirations Goya and Rembrandt, Winkhaus has an acute nerve for all modern world inequities and a passion for all things dark.
26 Apr 2016


Riding a bicycle is more than a means of transportation - it is a way of life. The London bicycle scene has been growing for years, spawning ever more astounding developments and innovations. Photographer Horst A. Friedrichs meets his subjects in their own milieu: zooming around the city's streets on two wheels. There he encounters a dazzling array of style and a surprising amount of substance. Read more...
26 Apr 2016


Today, many people are obsessed with perfection - images are painstakingly retouched, people pore through the minutae. In a collaboration with Maurizio d’Iorio, Sarah Illenberger purposely includes mistakes in every image in their recent series. Known for her creative eye and ability to work as both photographer and stylist, here, her styling takes front page.
26 Apr 2016


Classic style and British manufacturing are both experiencing a boom in demand driven by a desire among consumers for authentic, quality products. Britain is uniquely placed to benefit from this resurgence, given the number of heritage companies still producing at the top of their game. Horst A. Read more...
26 Apr 2016


Microsculpture presents the insect collection of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before. The result of a collaboration between the Museum and photographer Levon Biss, this series of beautifully-lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of a large variety of insects in striking large-format and high-resolution detail - each image is made of 8000 individual photographs. Read more...
20 Apr 2016


Opening Sunday, April 24th, Louisa Marie Summer’s work will be on display at Ober Gallery in Kent, Connecticut. The show will present images that she captured while exploring remote areas of Eastern Siberia along the Amur Highway. With a tremendous amount of diversity, the area presents an ever-intriguing face. Read more...
14 Apr 2016

Les femmes du Maroc by Fabienne Karmann at Kunstroute Köln

Morocco. One is constantly discovering streaming and ornate points on the edge of the street. Streetfashion and traditional fashion. Colorful concealment and cloaking. The combination of fashion photography and and photo reportage presents feminine strength. In reference to Women’s Rights and their emancipation Morocco has made several steps toward modernity in recent years. Read more...
12 Apr 2016


In her latest exhibition, Fabienne Karmann presents two social projects of young Europeans: Hada Madrina in Nicaragua and Pura Vida in Costa Rica.   Hada Madrine is a self-governing, volunteer-only afterschool community center in the small fishing village Jiquilillo in Nicaragua. Before its establishment, local children had to organize their afternoons by themselves. Read more...
05 Apr 2016

Exhibition opening by Hiepler, Brunier

This Thursday, April 7th, David Hiepler and Fritz Brunier invite you to the opening of their exhibition, “Ninety Percent of Everything.” Ships and boats have been developed over the time alongside humanity and have served us in many numbers of reason since the old days to the present time. Few have a clear idea how diverse these means of transport are that work as the engine of today's globalized world. Read more...
24 Mar 2016

Romani Design My Identity My Freedom

Fashion can be more than just be beautiful. The work of Fabienne Karmann centers around this idea. Her pictures show how fashion opens up a space to communicate and express identity. The concept of using fashion as a medium of cultural enlightenment and a symbol against stereotypes has influenced her photographic work since the beginning. In her latest work, "Romani Design My Identity My Freedom,“ Karmann offers an insight into apartments of Roma living in Budapest. Read more...
16 Mar 2016


Noma is an award-winning Danish restaurant that has been named the best restaurant in the world many times over. Its food is an art form in itself, and WIRED commissioned AORTA to create still lifes based on Noma’s menu, for a fresh, intriguing take on the food. Inspired by the food, AORTA built small, surreal worlds that present a unique take on the already unique menu. Read more...
09 Mar 2016


Mauricio Alejo is drawn to the evanescent, trivial nature of plastic, whether plastic bags or utensils - the small amount of material that they comprise, the almost inaudible crackling sound the bags make, and more. His series of images here are an attempt to communicate and share the experience Alejo has with plastic, and, as in much of his work, creates beauty and sculpture from normal, easily overlooked objects we encounter in our daily lives.
08 Mar 2016


Richard Ansett excels at capturing true emotions and depicting marginalized populations with care and sensitivity. In his latest work, he focuses on a bomb disposal unit for the British Army, recently returned from Afghanistan and Iraq. While not visible, they each have their own scars from their work, and for them, this is normalized. Read more...
01 Mar 2016

Brumlebys Faces By Ken Hermann

Ken Hermann examines the people and faces of Brumleby, an enclave of Copenhagen. Originally built in 1853 by the Danish Medical Association out of a desire to create healthy, cholera-free homes for the working class, today the area still retains a unique identity, a city within a city, full of history and tradition. Hermann’s portraits capture its inhabitants and show the diversity of the community with stark, authentic photography.
01 Mar 2016


“Youth is not a time of life. It is a state of mind, an effect of the will, a quality of the image, an emotional intensity.” Francesco Bittichesu’s images are full of the vigor and lightness, but also the humility of youth. Taken in Maui, the work is striking and intriguing, characteristic of Bittichesu’s oeuvre.
29 Feb 2016


Frieke Janssens deals in emotions, atmosphere, and color. For the cover art for JackoBond’s latest album, “Ik Tel Tot Tien,” Janssens creates a striking image with her unique aesthetic. Rainbow tears show hope, mirroring the songs in the album, which are centered around letting go. After rain, comes sunshine.
26 Feb 2016

RAI TV Live Flights by Antonio Theo Pini

In Milan, deep within the body of an industrial building of the early twentieth century, is the production center of RAI, the national television of Italy. Antonio Theo Pini spent some time there, charting the unique identity of the space. For him, "In a suspension where seemingly nothing happens but everything is ever changing, places assume a true identity. Read more...
26 Feb 2016

Sea and Soda by Antonio Theo Pini

By throwing waste products into the sea, Solvay has made the area of Rosignano/Vada a place at the limit of science fiction. The blue sea and the pure white beach recall a tropical landscape, but a vision of paradise that is a hidden hell. The paradise in question is not the work of God but of man - nature has been subdued by man, who has squeezed every last drop out of it, rendering it completely helpless. Efforts have been made to reduce the pollution, but to little effect. Read more...
04 Feb 2016


The moving image or short film about the Prop Light of moooi is a special project for Van Vincent - how he treats movement in an image, and for moooi how they insert film in their brand DNA. The film will be screened in their showrooms and brand stores, at furniture fairs like Salon Del Mobile in Milan, and online. Read more...
04 Feb 2016


Inspiration can come from anywhere, and Adrian Samson discovered his latest in a few old patterns from some old Burberry patterns. Seen from straight above, they resemble abstract paintings. Samson's skill with still lifes gives the patterns a strong, graphic look.
02 Feb 2016


Richard Ansett’s striking portrait of famed author and physicist Stephen Hawking has been acquired by the National Portrait Gallery in London. Placed within space existentially at the center of things, Ansett’s image shows our entire understanding of reality is challenged by his theories. Read more...
02 Feb 2016

Little Creatures by Ralph Hargarten

Ralph Hargarten is fascinated by animals large and small. In his latest work, he delves into the insect world, with gorgeous images of butterflies, moths, bottles, and more. He was completely taken with how much beauty and detail each creature contains, as small as they are. Vibrant and intense, Hargarten’s images certainly catch the eye.
28 Jan 2016


Kristina Varaksina is a Russian photographer with a focus on portrait, fashion, beauty, advertising, and Fine Art photography and an emphasis on story telling and shot design. In her photography, Kristina explores human emotions and behavior. Her work speaks through metaphors and translates a mood through carefully chosen color palette and play of light. Read more...
28 Jan 2016

Waldorf Astoria by Jan Schünke

Capturing the beauty and history of Waldorf Astoria and Hilton properties across the world, Jan Schuenke shot the iconic Waldorf Astoria in New York City. His images display the story of the hotel and its rooms, as well as giving glimpses into the views afforded by the hotel. Classic luxury.
27 Jan 2016

Waldhaus Sils by Jan Schünke

Continuing his travels around the globe, Jan Schuenke ended up in the Swiss Alps at a unique family operated hotel. His images convey the special feeling and atmosphere of this property in the Swiss Alps, showing the interior and design mix of different epochs. Clean, clear, and enticing, the images are typical of his oeuvre.
26 Jan 2016

One Night in New York with the Real Life Super Heroes BY TIM KNOX

Knox followed a crew of real-life superheroes around the city and shows us their trials, travails, and more. The resulting images are raw, mysterious, and completely intriguing.
22 Jan 2016


Oliver Schwarzwald is a storyteller, telling tales through his images. His work is inspired by many things - experiences, memories, important and less important observations - and is expressed through a variety of techniques. For Schwarzwald, different messages need different executions. Regardless of format, contemplation and reflection are central to his creative process: “Doing nothing is an important source of inspiration for me. Read more...
22 Jan 2016


Erik Hijweege is an artist who works in many realms - portraits, still lifes, landscapes, reportage, and more - but his heart lies in producing this work using the 19th century wet plate collodion process for his personal work. In October 2014 he published his first book of collodion positives Een eigen gezicht, followed by Endangered in November 2014. This method produces singular, striking images, and one can see a consistent, beautiful look across his oeuvre. Read more...
17 Dec 2015


It is amazing how many different flavors, colors and tastes can be made out of one plant – sencha, oolong, lapsang and many more. Similar to wine, in Asia there is a long tradition of terroir and a complex culture of growing, drying, fermenting and preparing tea. Silvio Knezevic shot the cover for ZEITmagazin dedicated to this great plant. Read more...
11 Dec 2015


Olaf Blecker is an expert at capturing emotions - his portraits are poignant and viewers can truly feel the emotions of his subjects.  For his latest shoot, he ushers the viewer through the stages of depression.  Working closely with his model, Blecker created these striking, emotional images.    
03 Dec 2015

Skala Sikaminias BY ADRIAN SAMSON

The first step to the EU, Skala Sikaminias is a small village in Greece, next to the beach where the refugees from Syria land. They arrive everyday by the thousands, and leave behind around half a million life jackets. These are collected straight after arrival and then they are taken to a landfill. Adrian Samson saw something in the lifejacket landfill, and his images provide a new perspective on the issue, giving familiar objects a graphic, abstract life.
01 Dec 2015

Run! by Magnus Winter

Inspired by a recent clarification of the marathon myth, Magnus Winter shot real runners chasing after their glory, as Pheidippides was rumored to. A fresh take on the sport, Winter infuses his images with the joie de vivre that characterizes his rok.
13 Nov 2015

Our Lives by Laura Pannack

Our Lives, commissioned by Save the Children, brings a new perspective to the lives of British children living in poverty, told through photographs, film and interviews. Laura Pannack was one of several award-winning photographers who worked collaboratively with families to move beyond the stereotypes and capture daily challenges and family moments. Her images of Ashleigh, Ayesha and Shaun are authentic and striking. Read more...
06 Nov 2015


After her first Amazon journey in 2012, Brazilian artist Luzia Simons, currently living in Berlin, betook herself on a second research trip to Brazil in 2014, where she visited gardens influenced by Roberto Burle Marx which today still appear as an early act of criticism of globalization. Simons gathered from those numerous different plants like Agave, Monstera, Begonia, Philodendron and Aloe Vera. Wonderful, stylized scannograms emerged. Read more...
06 Nov 2015


Francisco De Deus’ “Letter L” project explores the intersection of photography, graphic design and custom prop-building. De Deus teamed with Sr. Art Director Caro Rebello and Designer Juliano Domingues to problem solve and execute his photographic study of textures, type design and prop-building throughout the image-making process. The concept for the series is the contrast between words and their depictions. Read more...
03 Nov 2015

New german cuisine by Silvio Knezevic

The reputation of German cuisine is undergoing a radical transformation - from old fashioned and boring to sophisticated and trendy. Silvio Knezevic illustrates this in a cookbook of classic German recipes and new interpretations of these classics. Knezevic visited chefs, brewers, bakers and fishermen and documented their approach on German and local food, showing the diversity and beauty of German food culture.
30 Oct 2015


Jan Schuenke takes the viewer on a journey across the world in his latest exhibition in Munich, at bulthaup Laimer Würfel. Around the world, Schuenke searches passionately for the perfect moment. His focus is the view from inside to outside, from a car, a riding train or hotels rooms. He strives to make the interdependency from inside to outside space visible. Bulthaup in Laimer Würfel, Landsberger Str. 300, 80687 Munich, Germany
28 Oct 2015


Phil Toledano chronicles his journey as a new father, from misery to joy, in his series “The Reluctant Father.” Warm and intimate, Toledano's images capture the highs and the lows, and provide an intriguing insight into his life.
13 Oct 2015

Up in the Air by Leopold Fiala

A long term project, Up In The Air combines Fiala’s love of travel with his photography. All shot from the window seat of commercial airliners, he shows the world as seen from a bird’s perspective. Fiala uses a special technique to create intensely detailed images with a very high resolution. Covering over 50 images so far, Up In The Air is constantly growing, and was recently showcased at the Mittelrhein Museum in Koblenz, Germany. An upcoming exhibition is scheduled.
01 Oct 2015


In some recent work at the Strandhotel Hübner in Warnemünde, by the Baltic Sea, Reinhard Hunger takes a break from his normal conceptual studio work and revisits his architecture work. Clear, clean, and inviting, Hunger's images evoke the Baltic and the season.
01 Oct 2015


With a background in illustration, Daan Brand utilizes all his skills in a recent story for Fast Company and Google Cardboard. Full of whimsy and action, Brand's image combines approaches and media in a unique way. He also created a video to accompany the story - the perfect companion.
30 Sep 2015


For Laura Pannack, walks with her camera are when she learns the most. She says, “True discipline for me is learning to decide when to experience and when to capture.” On her walks, her mind quiets, she listens and engages, explores and discovers. All things that inspire Pannack and help with her other projects, personal and commercial. The images from her walks are spontaneous, personal and intriguing, all characteristics of her overall oeuvre.
30 Sep 2015


Frieke Janssens is opening an exhibition for her series DIANAS in Antwerp on October 8th. Frieke’s images will be presented in large scale, perfect for her subject matter. More information can be found here. The exhibition will be on view until November 14th.
29 Sep 2015


Mark your calendars: Hugh Kretschmer is opening an exhibition at Fathom Gallery, Los Angeles, on October 10, 2015, at 7:00 PM. The retrospective will feature photographs from the inception of his career, all the way through to last summer, accompanied by concept sketches and working Polaroids revealing Kretschmer's creative process, and will include a dappling of props and constructions from a few of his most recent shoots. Read more...
24 Sep 2015

Who says I'm old? by Maarten de Groot

Maarten De Groot revisits the theme of youth in old age in his latest work. His portraits are full of energy, vitality, and humor, breaking stereotypes of his older subjects.
23 Sep 2015


Lucio Aru and Franco Erre are a photography duo hailing from Sardinia, Italy. From disparate fields, they came together after school and now create innovative fashion images, with a strong sense of texture and evocative of their backgrounds. Aru from art and philosophy, Erre from the fashion world. Their collaboration is now based out of Berlin, Germany, a vibrant city perfect for their constant exploration for new experiences and work.
22 Sep 2015


Jan Schünke captures the vibrancy and sun of Tuscany in a recent series. From architecture to people to landscapes, Jan puts his eye to good use.
21 Sep 2015

Blow up (Inspired by) by Jo Magrean

Jo Magrean’s latest work is an homage to Michelangelo Antonioni's classic film Blow Up. Everyone always has their own interpretation of events, and Magrean's series - foreboding, and atmospheric - is an essay on what a photographer believes themselves to have seen, without necessarily knowing the context - who plays what role and what actually happens. Throughout history, images have been interpreted by photographer and viewer via their own personal lenses. Read more...
21 Sep 2015


Two photographs from Adrian Samson’s series on young artists were selected for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Samson's work was chosen as one of a select few out of 2,201 entrants. The exhibition will be held at the National Portrait Gallery from 12 November 2015 - 21 February 2016, after which time it will go on tour to Stoke Potteries and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.
15 Sep 2015

Spring by Thirza Schaap

Thirza Schaap’s meditative series on spring shows the freshness of the season, full of anticipation for the warmth and for longer days.
15 Sep 2015


Ofer Wolberger was commissioned by The New York Times to illustrate their story on the University of Cincinnati and its investment in architecture. Wolberger has photographed buildings around the world, creating striking images, both interior and exterior, and brought his keen eye to Cincinnati, resulting in these clean, eye-catching images.
14 Sep 2015


While known for her touching images of children and childhood, Thirza Schaap is not limited to young subjects. This series, incorporating adults into her world, but retaining Schaap’s signature warmth and excitement, is testament to that.
10 Sep 2015

Purpur Braun Grau Weiß Schwarz by Daniel Schumann

The coordinates of the human have become a central topic of Daniel Schumann's photography ever since his civil service in a hospice. In his book ‘Purpur Braun Grau Weiß Schwarz’, people who are dying and their dealings with illness and death are the subject. For one year, Schumann accompanied, through his photographs, people who have lived and died in hospice. Read more...
10 Sep 2015


The horizon is a synonym for the future, and in Thirza Schaap’s latest series, the viewer watches along with her young talent, gazing at what is to come. Seen from behind, the interest is not in the children themselves. Instead, different details are used to interpret the image - location, subject of their gaze, possible futures. The repeating rhythm of the series is essential, underlining the similarities as well as the differences between people. Read more...
10 Sep 2015


Challenging people to document the most unexplored places in Sweden, Petrus Olsson crafted motion and still images in the beautiful landscapes of northern Sweden. Olsson used local, real talent, and utilized all of his skills - working with people, cars, and landscapes. Combined, the results are arresting, and an inspiration to venture widely.
10 Sep 2015


Olaf Blecker shot one of his favorite artists, Olafur Eliasson, at Eliasson’s studio in Berlin, to illustrate an article on his “Little Sun Project,” which brings solar powered LEDs to people without reliable electricity during night time. Blecker came away from the shoot with a great image as well as greater respect for what his subject has accomplished. Perhaps the future might bring more collaboration between the two Berlin-based artists…
04 Sep 2015

Contemporary Baroque by Reinhard Hunger

Reinhard Hunger is known for his elaborate tabletop still life shots, and he showcases this skill well in his latest work. His two images present an abundance of goods arranged much as one might a Dutch still life, and as only Hunger can - atmospheric, full of depth and texture, and with style.
02 Sep 2015

Elisabeth und Wilhelm by Daniel Schumann

Inspired by the passing of his grandmother while across the globe, Schumann connected with his grandfather, and the resultant images examine his grandparents, both through new images of his as well as salvaged photographs taken by his grandfather. Emotional and tinged with nostalgia, Schumann’s series is personal and arresting. Read more...
27 Aug 2015

Dreaming of Warsaw by Jan Kriwol

Jan Kriwol's photography often examines his Polish heritage. In Dreaming of Warsaw, he captures ceramic miniatures of Warsaw modernist buildings made by artist Magdalena Lapinska. Contemporary yet timeless, the miniatures are simple, yet immediately recognizable to those familiar with Polish design.
27 Aug 2015

Maybe by Phillip Toledano

In his series Maybe, Philip Toledano contemplates the possibilities for his future. Prompted by the death of his mother in 2006, Toledano decided to confront an uncertain future instead of wait helplessly as he was carried to it. He took a DNA test to discover any likely genetic illnesses and consulted with an array of fortune-tellers, hypnotists, and the ilk. Toledano incorporated all of his findings into his images, envisioning himself in a myriad of forms and settings. Read more...
27 Aug 2015

Days with my father by Phillip Toledano

One of his best known works, Phillip Toledano's series Days With My Father is a chronicle of the last three years of his father’s life. The images of his father in this time are honest and personal. Toledano excels at capturing life from the grasps of death, with poignant and arresting results.
21 Aug 2015

Interview by Adrian Samson

For Adrian Samson, the body language of an interview is as important as what they say. People express themselves not just with their voices, but with their hands - they explain, mimic, count, point out, and more. Not consciously observed, we remains keenly aware of what the other’s hands are expressing. Samson’s latest series focuses on these small gestures that have a language of their own.
21 Aug 2015

Dystopian Flower by Kai Wiechmann

A friend and student of nature, Kai Wiechmann examines the world of plants from up close in his latest work. This perspective reveals an eerie, ethereal quality, not unlike visions of underworldly creatures or extraterrestrials. Wiechmann says, "The idea was to portray plants as something subtly disturbing. Hostile towards people, who in turn would appear vulnerable and exposed. "War of the Worlds" without those poor Martians.”
20 Aug 2015


Battaglia, literally a battle. In music, an instrumental or vocal piece often for a military band in which the fanfares, cries, drum rolls, and general commotion of a battle are imitated. In Adrian Samson’s series, the formation of the glasses imitate the musical notes or a layout of the millitary during the Battaglia.
19 Aug 2015


Thirza Schaap’s latest images are light, sunny, and full of the joy of childhood. Shot in Cape Town, a frenetic, diverse city, Thirza and her team know many of their young talent from frequent encounters and collaborations - this connection, watching them grow up before her lens, is evident in her shots.
18 Aug 2015

Emotions, magnified by Olaf Blecker

Olaf Blecker specializes in emotions; he has an uncanny ability to capture the moment, bringing true, honest results from his subjects, whether celebrity or regular Joe. In some of his recent work, he utilized this talent to great effect.
17 Aug 2015

Armenia by Ina Schoof

Exploration is an essential quality for a photographer to possess. With an intrepid spirit, Ina Schoof set out to explore Armenia with no background or knowledge of the country. After discovering the country, she was struck by the beauty - the barren plateaus and vistas, as well as the hospitality of its inhabitants. Her landscapes are much different than her normal photography, yet possess a distincly Schoof aesthetic.
12 Aug 2015

On clothing by Mauricio Alejo

Since the beginning of 2015, Mauricio Alejo has been a regular contributor to the New York Times Magazine, illustrating their monthly column, "On CLOTHING," a review that examines not what is currently fashionable, but rather ubiquitous and iconic garments - clothing that has helped define the cultural zeitgeist of our time. His latest installment focuses on the army jacket. Read more...
31 Jul 2015


Achim Lippoth won a Bronze Lion at Cannes 2015 for this campaign, working with agency Rosapark. The campaign calls attention to the fact that 8 out of 10 abuses are perpetrated by a relative. Achim is famous for his commercial advertising work, but often does important social work as well - this is just the latest example.
31 Jul 2015


For his latest work, Adrian Samson invited 6 young creatives to come to his studio to sit for portraits - a poet, actor, singer, writer, satirist and a musician, all in late teens or in their twenties. He shot them against differently colored backgrounds and united the series with a strong color palette. The youthful energy of his subjects is obvious from the result, which has been entered in competition for the Taylor Wessling Photography Portrait Prize.
23 Jul 2015

Joy of friendship by Ina Schoof

In some recent personal work, artist Ina Schoof captures the sunny, relaxed vibes of two friends. Evoking summer, light, and happiness, the images have many hallmarks of Ina’s lifestyle work.
17 Jul 2015


Mauricio Alejo provides a spin on the traditional food pyramid in his latest work for Pedigree. His work, subtle and humorous, was the perfect match for the concept: a food pyramid for dogs. In creating the sculptural image, Alejo used a wide variety of props, included items actually chewed by real dogs to add to the authenticity.
14 Jul 2015

The World of boys by Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack has investigated many groups of people in her work, and in her latest series The world of boys, tackles teenage boys. On the brink of manhood, they vary from those who seem like adults already to those still in the infancy of growing up. Regardless of their place in life, Pannack captures their emotions and dreams in her striking images, grounded in reality, yet beautiful.
07 Jul 2015


Melody Melamed’s series “Two is One,” challenges the role of gender by engaging with her subjects' masculinity and feminity, creating an image where man is woman and woman is man. The series was recently selected as one of the winners of the 2015 Pride Photo Award, an annual international contest for photos about sexual and gender diversity.
03 Jul 2015

Glass by Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack examines the relationship between subject and photographer in her series, “Glass.” Photographers are her subjects, placed behind a pane of glass that symbolizes the glass of the lens.  Pannack asked each subject to close their eyes, rendering them unaware of the moment she took her photograph, isolating them and removing control from her subjects. Read more...
25 Jun 2015

In Tune – Variations on an Orchestra by Julia Baier

Julia Baier has collaborated with the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen since 2000, accompanying the orchestra on its road to success as it receives rapturous applause on the world’s major stages for its radical new interpretations of classical works. Her stunning photographs of the orchestra - in action, in repose, and everywhere in-between, are currently being exhibited for the first time at the Focke-Museum in Bremen, beginning July 5th until September 13th. Read more...
09 Jun 2015

Still Life by Wim Bosch

For his latest project, Still life, Wim Bosch purchased plastic model houses offered on digital marketplaces. Dating from the '50s and '60s, a period of optimism, growing wealth, rising individualism and new leisure activities such as modeling, the world was literally a kit for the model builder. In the attic or at the kitchen table, he was the master of the universe. Read more...
08 Jun 2015

A selfie a day keeps the doctor away by mike Mellia

Mike Mellia's ongoing Instagram series of self-portraits examine how technology & social media influence self-portraits in photography. The series combines society’s technology-driven vanity with unusual references from advertising, culture, and art. In social media, the prototypical “selfie” usually lies at one of two extremes: either mundane normalcy or unbridled megalomania. Read more...
07 Jun 2015


Urban life in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo takes many and varied forms. From these, Kai-Uwe Gundlach focuses his attention on three aspects, painting and picture of life in a modern city in three chapters. One of them is SHIBUYA. SHIBUYA tells of a place - the city's most famous street intersection - where millions meet every day, anonymous and lonely within the crowd. Read more...
06 Jun 2015


Barbie and Ken are staples of American culture, ingrained from childhood. Hugh Kretschmer provides his own unique take on the phenomenon, with a narrative that shows Ken as he makes his way through his life and fate. Ken is challenged again and again by the reality of his new circumstance, all met with a doll’s stoic stare and slight grin." After his trials and tribulations, Ken ends up where all toys who lose their luster end up, the shelf of a no-name vintage store. Read more...
05 Jun 2015

Young british naturists by Laura Pannack

Laura Pannack delves deep into her subjects’ worlds in her documentary portrait work. She reveals their true selves, naked before the camera. In her project “Young British Naturists,” Pannack tackles this quite literally, capturing young British naturists in their environments. To fully understand her subjects and get the most out of her shots, she entered their world, photographing naked herself. Read more...
05 Jun 2015


Charlotte Yonga spent time as an artist in residency at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland, California. During this time, she produced this series of photos concerning the Prescott-Oakland Point neighborhood. Known as "Lower Bottom," it has historically been one of Oakland's lower-income areas, but due to it's location and infrastructure improvements, the neighborhood has become a desired ones. Yonga's work asks the part played by portraits inside the photographic documentary form.
04 Jun 2015

Baku by Marcus Bredt

During his visit to Baku, Azerbaijan, to photograph the Crystal Hall for the Euro Vision Song Contest 2012, Marcus Bredt was fascinated by the contrasts of this surreal-like structure within a city that collide there. He was inspired not only by the hall itself, but also its surrounding environment. Nothing seemed to belong to each other but yet everything was, for better or worse, a unit. Versatile and complex, Baku both polarized and fascinated Bredt. Read more...
02 Jun 2015


Mauricio Alejo was recently invited to participate in Existe lo que tiene nombre: Contemporary Photography in Mexico, an exhibition investing the current state of contemporary photographic practices in Mexico, and the US debut for many of the exhibiting artists. He exhibited two videos there, “Endless Sphere” (2007) and “Fact and Fiction” (2009). Read more...
02 Jun 2015

Wind City Futurism by Christian Stoll

Christian Stoll is a connoisseur of the aerial image, having shot many in his career. They are epic and very well-received, but he always wanted to represent the dynamism, drama, energy, and speed of the helicopter from which he shot the images. Read more...
01 Jun 2015


In the region of West Cameroon, the Bamiléke country, the customs of the tribal leader continue to this day. Charlotte Yonga has long been interested in this lasting tradition and the respect of the Bamilékés for their chief. The chieftainships functioned like micro sovereign states until 1960, when the state of Cameroon was created. Today, it is not at all unusual to find the Bamilékés turning towards their chief rather than referring to official institutions. Read more...
29 May 2015

The Poetry of Life by Jo Magrean

In his latest personal series, ‘The Poetry of Life,’ Jo Magrean expresses his view on life. He is more interested in exploring how he feels about things rather than what he thinks about them - appealing more to the emotional than the rational. The images in this series, inspired by Kate Tempest and her poem Renegade: (watch at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NRYLzWovtk), are full of atmosphere and emotionally evocative, and are typical of his work. Read more...
28 May 2015

Opportunity by Mauricio Alejo

For Mauricio Alejo, one of the key elements in photography remains chance. According to him, “No matter how controlled a shooting is, as a photographer, you always welcome the unexpected into your images. I think this novelty is what keeps us curious and interested; we are just as amused with our own photographs as the art director is who comes to the studio with an idea. I can confidently say that a photographer who has lost this wondering feeling has lost the joy of their work. Read more...
27 May 2015

Dianas by Frieke Janssens

In her latest work Dianas, Frieke Janssens creates a photo series centered around single women and their literal hunt for mates. Inspired by the Diana, the Roman goddess of the hunt, moon, and childbirth, Janssens presents a modern, yet timeless, vision. Her Dianas are distinctly feminine yet rugged and mysterious - inaccessible as the goddess herself. Read more...
09 May 2015

Young love by Laura Pannack

For Laura Pannack, the idea of young love and relationships are more important than they are often considered. She says, “The complications of discovering a new found territory of love brings into question many issues that surround shaping who we grow up to become.The oft perceived naivety can be viewed as a brave invincibility and produces a bond of unsheltered shared emotions, truly revealing oneself to another individual. Read more...
22 Apr 2015

Carefree by Jo Magrean

In his latest personal work 'The people of the Villa Volkovitch', Jo Magrean taps into memories of childhood and adolescence, and the carefree, lighthearted nature of those experiences. When with your best friend, or just your own imagination, the rest of the world doesn’t matter. As a child once himself, and later, as a parent, Magrean shows how the universe of a child is bathed in emotions and light. Read more...
27 Mar 2015

"Museum für Kaffeetechnik" Emmerich by Marina Weigl

Marina Weigl loves coffee, and combining her interest in the black gold with her art, discovered and shot old and new coffee roasters and mills at the "Kaffeemuseum Emmerich.” She photographed them in two different styles: first, as standalone still-life subjects, with clean looks at the machines and framed with color, emphasizing their uniqueness. Secondly, with Polaroids, showing the details of the big machines, and creating an emotional feel for the coffee itself. Read more...
25 Mar 2015

The new literature by Reinhard Hunger

Reinhard Hunger was commissioned by Der Spiegel to illustrate their magazine full of literary comments and criticism for Spring 2015. The concept was a modern interpretation of classic stil-life, like the Old Dutch Masters. Reinhard’s work 'New Masters' has both cutting edge and traditional aspects to it, so he was a great choice for this. The magazine left the concepts up to him; the creative freedom that allowed inspired him to these fascinating images. Styling by Christoph Himmel. Read more...
20 Mar 2015

Spring of your youth by Olaf Blecker

Inspired by the vitality and limitless energy of the teenagers around his Kreuz/Koln neighbourhood in Berlin, Olaf Blecker created a series of portraits of them. In his images, Olaf discovered a quieter side to those he saw on a daily basis. Working with artist Steffen Seeger, a frequent collaborator, (www.steffenseeger.com -see “Angry Birds“ Aug 20, 2014), Olaf captured the initial photos while Seeger took Olaf’s images and applied paint directly onto the printed photographs. Read more...
11 Mar 2015

Pastel studio by Thirza Schaap

Colors have always been one of Thirza Schaap’s main interests. For this story, she was inspired by a passing delivery person while on the streets of South Africa. Their roll of pink foam contrasted nicely with the painted wall upon which she was looking. Schaap plays with shapes, colors, and textures, while her child subjects explore.
11 Mar 2015

Yoga paperclips by Andy Rudak

Andy Rudak constantly sees life and character in objects around him, from the largest tree to the smallest matchstick. This anthropomorphic approach to his work is how he tells stories and create narratives. His latest series Yoga paperclips, is a followup to his well-known “Love Match” images. Concerning the juxtaposition of a busy work life with the serenity of yoga, Rudak chose three recognizable yoga poses: Peacock, Cobra, and Downward Dog. Read more...
04 Mar 2015

Lovestory by Thirza Schaap

Observing the first love of her son has touched Thirza Schaap as a mother. She sees the lovestory as the first step to letting go of her child. The camera transforms her from a mother to a photographer, and as a photographer it is easier: “I can take my distance and study the typical moments my son and his girlfriend were going through. Read more...
04 Mar 2015

A window to the courtyard by Julia Baier

Winner of second price of the European Architecture Photography Award "Architekturbild 2015,” Julia Baier’s work is an analysis of her neighborhood in Berlin. The daily view out a window into the courtyard is a visual game using the outdoor space as a familiar surrounding. Neighbors and time leave their traces on the courtyard. Shot in black and white, the palette highlights the contrast between scenes.
26 Feb 2015

Roadtrip by Thirza Schaap

Cape Town serves as the backdrop for Thirza Schaap’s latest series 'Roadtrip'. Behaving as tourists might, but with full crew and car, Schaap's work displays an authentic road trip feel. Using the magnificent landscape available around Cape Town, the shoot is full of light and nature, hallmarks of her work.
20 Feb 2015

Indian Summers by Frieke Janssens

Frieke Janssens is known for her painterly, atmospheric style. As an artist, she seeks out similarly-minded people for inspiration and to work with. This has resulted in frequent work with theater groups; Janssen's latest work Indian summers is in a related vein, portraits for Channel4’s new epic drama series Indian Summers. Frieke’s signature style is evident in the images, currently seen all over London, and the UK.
16 Feb 2015

Certain Places / Louisa Marie Summer

Exhibition in KUNSTVEREIN BOBINGEN, Römerstr. 93, Bobingen, Germany. Opening 22.02.2015 the exhibition will be on view until 08.03.2015.www.kunstverein-bobingen.de
05 Feb 2015

HSBC award winner 2015 – Maia Flore

Maia Flore creates surreal, enchanting narratives that are grounded in reality yet takes flight from dreams and imagination. She constantly works with new methods of representation, often using herself as subject. As François CHEVAL, Artistic Consultant of the 2015 HSBC Award which Flore recently won, says, "Her photography has a very Elizabethan poetry feel to it. Read more...
04 Feb 2015

Dutch light II by Thirza Schaap

Thirza Schaap combines still life with portraits of children in her latest work. Using her trademark Dutch Light, Schaap and her stylist/AD Tracey Jacob searched for interesting textures and materials and history for their objects - the flowers slightly older, the teapot perhaps a century old. Combined with a trained swan, they shot on the beach, a surprise given the final result. Seamlessly combining the still lifes and portraits was an easy task for Thirza.
04 Feb 2015

Life changes by Petrus Olsson

Continuing Petrus Olsson’s previous work for SEB, his latest image encourages people to prepare for life’s uncertainties and save for whatever life may throw at them. Olsson gives the scenario an emotional bent, while imbuing it with his signature stylistic flair.
03 Feb 2015

Animaux et moi by Thirza Schaap

Children often have favorite stuffed animals, and Thirza Schaap plays with this in her latest work. She references the history of art with Dutch light combined with the art project made animals of Frank Visser from IJM studios Holland. Styled with vintage clothes collected over the years by Visser, Schaap gives a dramatic touch to the oversized animals created by her collaborator, giving weight and scale by shooting them with children. Read more...
28 Jan 2015

Visual Art / Fotografie by Wim Bosch

Exhibition in KUNSTFOYER am Langenweg, Oldenburg, Germany. Opening 29.01.2015, the exhibition will be on view until 15.03.2015.www.kunstfoyer.treuhand-oldenburg.de
22 Jan 2015

Life by Thirza Schaap

Thirza Schaap loves the easy feel kids have while playing and just being. Their lives are simple: water, life, fun. Sadness. Siblings. Play. All day long. When Thirza works with children, she returns to her own childhood while taking part in her subjects’ days. With natural charisma and an ability to connect with anyone, Thirza puts children at ease and produces natural yet stunning photographs.
27 Nov 2014

PLATNUM welcomes Edisonga

Edisonga is an artist duo – Jana and Magnus – who bonded over their shared appreciation of fashion, art and the truth of emotion. Working with both photography and film, at the center of their process is a partnership with their subjects in front of the camera and a dynamic artistic choreography.. Instead of simply being the object of the photographers gaze, their models become subjects and exert a determining force in their interaction. Read more...
26 Nov 2014

Community clash with Bartholot and Hara Katsiki

Community Clash! is a bimonthly group art exhibition featuring a selection of Berlin-based artists within the Artconnect Berlin network. Their next show in December features Bartholot and Hara Katsiki. Bartholot creates iconic imagery with a focus on photography and artistic direction, at the interface of art and design. His artistic process is playful and improvisatory, exploring textures and colors without aiming for a definitive statement. Read more...
20 Nov 2014

The wandering eye by Jo Magrean

Jo Magrean has carried around a cutout eye for six months now.  He uses it to connect with people he comes across in his travels; people are normally more comfortable in front of the camera with something to play around with. While not his original intention, Magrean discovered that how people use the eye is very revealing; they hide behind it, eat with it, use it as background, etc. These images are the first of the series; there are many more to come in this ongoing project. Read more...
14 Nov 2014

Light Collector by Sven Schrader

Sven Schrader is known for capturing the imagination and wonder of childhood; in his latest work, Schrader shows a boy trying to catch starlight. He builds his own equipment to capture the light and bring it to the darkness, delivering brilliance to the world. Schrader’s whimsical images inspire the viewer to use his imagination as well. This series can be seen here on PLATNUM.
20 Oct 2014

Crazy horses by Ralph Hargarten

Continuing his portraits of animals, BRANSCH artist Ralph Hargarten took the chance to take these portraits of horses. Because of their eyes, horses usually look at you from the side and can’t really see you from the front, the way Ralph photographed them. Despite this fact, his subjects seem to look at the viewer, who can imagine their personalities.
16 Oct 2014

Paper Portraits by Lee Towndrow

Lee Towndrow, in which the subjects are framed by paper sculptures. The scalloped and folded paper backdrops create a playful and colorful environment with which his subjects can interact. This unique new form of portraiture exists somewhere between photography, sculpture and painting.
16 Oct 2014

Natural Beauty by Thomas Hannich

Thomas Hannich envisioned zoo animals through a very long lens as painterly subjects with unique textures, colors, shapes and patterns – the beauty of nature that is completely removed from most people’s personal experience.  Thomas shot these close portraits of exotic creatures from Hamburg’s Hagenbeck Zoo.
16 Oct 2014

Books As Far As The Eye Can See by Christian Stoll

Christian Stoll spent a day in Stuttgart exploring “Stadtbibliothek”, the newly built public library, designed by the Korean-born Germany-based architect Eun Young Yi and completed in 2011.The building is inspired by the Pantheon, drawing in natural light through the roof. Christian photographed this bright and airy space, as only he can, making it look truly awe-inspring and dizzying.
15 Oct 2014

Leaves by Reinhard Hunger

Whenever Reinhard Hunger needs a creative recharge, he finds that it helps to go back to the roots (literally in this case) and try to spend lot of time outside in nature. He assembled a collection of objects to study, including a gigantic philodendron leaf, which served as inspiration for his personal work series called “Leaves“.
08 Oct 2014

"The Horns Blow At Midnight" by AORTA

New and experienced parents will identify with the feelings behind photographer duo AORTA's The Horn Blows at Midnight – the constant vigilance and responsibility of nurturing a new child, the horrors of not being able to sleep properly. The breast pump takes on a new meaning, a call to arms, a war siren of sorts.
08 Oct 2014

The Garden of Eden by AORTA

In the Bible, the serpent is the symbol, the instrument by which the man fell into his sin. Photographers AORTA provide their take on the Garden of Eden. While it is generally portrayed as a fresh and perfect place, AORTA wanted to show how everything changed after the apple – a beautiful garden in decay.
07 Oct 2014

Dutch Light by Thirza Schaap

In the series Dutch Light, Thirza Schaap searches for the beauty that the old masters saw in the light of the Netherlands in the 19th century. Back then, people thought the reflection of the Zuiderzee, a huge inner sea, gave it its unique quality of light. In the 50′s, after the reclamation of the sea, a group of artists decided to champion the survival of this specific clarity of light. Read more...
07 Oct 2014

Fog and Mirage by Shimon and Tammar

Shimon and Tammar decided to shoot the northern shore of California, with its diverse landscapes rocky cliffs and hills reaching into the ocean. They wanted to show how the elements on earth interact with each other: air earth and water and then how our imagination interact with the landscape. Read more...
06 Oct 2014

Something Real by Romain Laurent

It’s a feeling.   It illustrates a moment in someone’s life, when they feel disconnected from reality while remaining part of it, and suddenly wake up.   It is something undefined, a feeling that is hardly touchable or noticed by himself or others.  It’s not sad or happy, but floating in-between, almost normal but slightly weird. But it is “Something Real”.
06 Oct 2014


“I usually don’t do this kind of photograph, but sometimes ideas come to my mind and I can’t help but execute them. I honestly tried to ignore this project for the past seven years, but it never stopped haunting me.    In the end, these images are the result of trying to visualize a vague emotional association I have between soap and its tactile experience. The lyricism arises from how subjective that experience could be. Read more...
10 Sep 2014


Ralph Hargartens portraits of animals are much more than simple animal photographs. In his pictures, Ralph captures the personality of his subjects. We see what we want to see - removed from their natural surrounding, the pictures reduce the impression to the animal itself, its beauty and their emotions. Every picture and every animal looks different, but the animals in Ralph's photos awaken human emotions; from sad to cheerful, proud and quirky, the whole range can be seen. Read more...
02 Sep 2014


Exploring the world of macro, Levon Biss brings his skills with sports photography to bear. He examines the relationship between clothing/product design and nature, creating a hybrid insect half made from macro photography using microscope lenses, and half made with soccer boot textures and shapes. The back of Levon's fly is the upper sole of a soccer boot, whilst the abdomen is created from the heel of the boot. Read more...
20 Aug 2014


Visiting Cape Town recently, artist Olaf Blecker was impressed and inspired by the variety of birds he encountered. From grumpy vultures to predatory peckers to puffed pigeons, he found soul and character in each one. Olaf took his inspiration back to Berlin with him and created these images as a result. Instead of using Photoshop, he worked with artist Steffen Seeger on actual printed images. The unique, painterly result is a fitting tribute to the majesty of Olaf’s subjects.
15 Jul 2014

Lux by Marina Weigl

In Marina Weigl’s latest project, LUX, she uses her fascination with light to showcase how it is transformative as both an object and a phenomenon. Both as a book and an installation, LUX questions what is seen and what is hidden; what is imagined and what is perceived. This creates an otherworldly and poetic experience, a hallmark of Marina’s work. Marina says, “Light can be immaterial and also visible, it is both, object and phenomenon. Read more...
30 Jun 2014

Heroes of a Lego world by Jean-Louis Wolff

En route to his Shanghai studio (some 4000 km away!), Jean-Louis Wolff piloted his studio minivan along China’s Route 312, which parallels the Silk Road and runs east-west across the breadth of the country. He drove for days, local traffic long gone. Long haul trucks were the main customers on this asphalt path. These “heroes of a Lego world” had such character that they inspired a proper portrait session. Read more...
23 May 2014

Geschwebe by Julia Baier

Making a feature of the subtle particularities in the ordinary is Julia Baier’s speciality. For this and many other reasons, she was chosen for the group exhibition of 10 photographers commemorating the 100th anniversary of Leica, 10 X 10, just opened in Leitz Park, Wetzlar. Julia chooses remarkable and unique perspectives for her timeless snapshots, combining abstract elements such as structures, textures and lines with organic phenomena such as foot prints, leaves and shadows. Read more...
23 May 2014


Steffen Jagenburg was commissioned by the Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam to shoot imagery for the “Melanchotopia” exhibition catalogue, as well as participate in the group exhibition of more than forty international artists. The artists were invited to work with different venues in the city-center of Rotterdam – places where people live and work – and to activate their potential as spaces for ideas, discourse and invention. Read more...
14 May 2014


Martin Klimas fine art series, “Foulard” was exhibited at the COSAR HMT in Duesseldorf. Foulard is French for scarf or neckerchief, lightweight fabrics made of silk, usually printed with multi-colored designs. Martin focused on high quality silk scarves from fashion lines like Dior, Yves St Laurent, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, exploring their two- and three-dimensionality. Read more...
09 May 2014


“Le Grain De Sable” is Jean-Louis’ continual wind experimentation. It follows his series “Red Wind,” in which a piece of red silk billows around the human form. This newer series is all about the sand of the Taklamakan desert in China and its sensual dance with the wind. It is land art, performance, and the work of a mad scientist, all rolled into one – only to be revealed by the flash of a strobe and captured by the camera. Read more...
07 May 2014

Pure Tones by Martin Klimas

Throughout history people have attempted to visualise sound. In regards to music, scores allow us to read sound, whereas art visualises a composition’s emotional qualities. Klimas’s series “Pure Tones” does both. By running the compositions through a frequency monitor in calm water, Klimas can photograph a piece of music’s unique waves. The result is photographs that capture the technical and emotional beauty of any musical composition.
29 Apr 2014

The Bride by Hara Katsiki

Eternal love and broken vows are the themes of the Bride Ballad, a poem by E.A. Poe published in 1937. This recent work by Hara Katsiki is a visual tribute to this poem.  Jamming with Federico De Madrazo’s Portrait de Maria Dolorès de Aldama, Hara added digital elements that clash with the classic portrait style, giving new life to a 1855 painting.
23 Apr 2014


In a continuation of his fine art photographic exploration of physical forces, Mauricio Alejo’s “Cosmic Alignment” involves the suspension and progression of balls of different sizes, drawing parallels between inner and outer spaces. Mauricio’s intent was to relate these ordinary, unheroic sports objects located in a private, domestic setting to those unfathomably large planets revolving around our vast universe. Read more...
15 Apr 2014


While floating in a tiny catamaran on a wide and shallow lake in Shanghai, Jean-Louis Wolff was rocked by the wind, and inspired by the capricious changes the elements had on the little watercraft. The resulting series features the fleeting shape of fabric around the human form resembling the raw rock of unfinished sculptures, or perhaps a bloodstain pressed between microscope slides. Read more...
14 Apr 2014

Chez Albert by Frieke Janssens

Frieke Janssens has a distinct painterly aesthetic to her work, melding the old and new into her signature style. For this work, she references an iconic self-portrait of Jan van Eyck, a celebrated Flemish painter. Frieke’s concepts, always very thought-through, detailed, and steeped in art history, are sought out by cultural clients as well as commerical clients looking for an edge.
31 Mar 2014


Hara Katsiki had an exhibition of her work entitled, “Sheesha” – a collaboration with the fashion designer Tatachristiane. Hara created the image of the mythological creature imprinted onto the coat, as well as the documentary image shown here for the blog. When the earthquake and tsunami cancelled the Tokyo Fashion Week in March 2011, a group of Japanese designers were looking for a place to showcase their work. Read more...
27 Mar 2014


Mauricio Alejo’s fine art explores the possibilities of natural laws and physical forces by using ordinary household objects.  In his piece, “Dinner Table, ” there is a trio of themes - equilibrium, tension, and precariousness - that echoes the three sided shapes made by the length of thread that weaves its way around the three objects. Read more...
12 Mar 2014

Blur by Achim Lippoth

During a photo journey through the Maldives, Achim Lippoth used long exposures to intensify the movement of his subjects. Creating a journey through light and shadow to stunning effect.
03 Mar 2014


Mauricio Alejo participated in a group show at the Vogt Gallery in New York City that showcased the work of six Latin American artists working in varying mediums. Mauricio steps away from photography with his installation piece entitled “Breathing,” which is made solely out of tubes and plastic bags. Read more...
03 Mar 2014

Snowscapes by Jan Schuenke

Jan Schuenke is interested in artificial or manmade landscapes around us, and found a perfect example on a winter day in the alpine upland close to Munich. In these photos, as in much of his work, Jan shows the human influence on nature and of nature on humans. These photographs take this idea and combine them with the goal of creating a new image out of scale and dimension by using already existing pictures in our minds. Read more...
26 Feb 2014


Photographs by artist Martin Klimas were on display at OTHER GALLERY in Beijing, China. The gallery is located in the famous 798 Art District and the exhibition coincides with the notable HONK-KONG ART FAIER, one of the most important international art fairs in China.
20 Feb 2014


From public bathhouses throughout Germany to sentos in Japan, Julia Baier has cultivated a love for water. Julia found her passion for the liquid element and subsequently gained recognition for her work.  Her imagery is characterized by a poetical view of reality that adds an aspect of mystery to the black and white photography. The figurativeness of her depictions is often backed by a playful discourse with the perspective she finds and chooses. Read more...
14 Feb 2014

Painting with sound by Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas’ fine art work was profiled in the New York Times magazine LOOK section. In the photographs, Martin attempts to answer the question, “What does music look like?” by setting paint on top of a speaker, playing musical selections by Miles Davis, Kraftwork, and Steve Reich and Musicians, and capturing the colorful dance that happens when the vibrations animate the paint.
06 Feb 2014


Ever since Frieke Janssens debuted her fine art series “Smoking Kids” at Ingrid Deuss Gallery in her native Belgium, there has been discussion and debate on various blogs and websites from both the art and news worlds about the persistence of smoking as a cultural status symbol and in particular the child models posing with cigarettes, dressed like adults in the finest garb of yesteryear. To be clear, no child was harmed by real cigarettes during the shoot!
03 Feb 2014


Philip Kennicott, art critic for the Washington Post, just released his Top Art and Architecture List for 2011 and he gave props to Mauricio Alejo in this summer’s exhibition “Possible Worlds” at the Art Museum of the Americas. He said that Mauricio’s images were a standout in this strangely memorable show.
03 Feb 2014


Daan Brand has released a new photo book, “Johnson and the Corner Kid,” about a fictional character named Johnson. Johnson is someone many people can recognize and relate to; he is the oddball, the loner, and the queer duck standing on the side of the dance floor at high school parties. With a head made out of paper-mache, Daan captures Johnson in both ordinary and absurd moments. Read more...
23 Jan 2014


This exhibition gives viewers a sneak peak into Hara’s fantastically romantic inner dream world. Always keen to experiment, this daring artist transcends the boundaries of imagination. Using her dreams as the main source of inspiration, Katsiki was inclined to define/refine her work for this show by using three primary colors: black, white and gold. Hara is also using ink on paper and wood, creating abstract pieces reminiscent of what she describes as "nature’s unspoken beauty."